Manufacturing Operations Manager

Los Angeles, California, United States · Operations


We are looking for a dynamic, passionate, and driven person to join the team as our Manufacturing Operations Manager. The DIRTY LEMON brand is growing rapidly — you will be asked to wear many different hats and take initiative to get things done. This is not a 9 to 5, clock in / clock out mindset job. Your primary responsibility will be to manage our manufacturing team of analysts and vendors for materials, ingredients, and production/storage facilities to ensure we are getting the most out of our existing processes, materials, and resources resulting in minimized costs, maximized efficiencies and a beautiful finished product every single production run.


Manage Facility & Storage Inventories- Maintain day to day inventory counts for not only finished goods at storage facilities but also the inventory or component materials and raw ingredients housed at our production facilities. Limit spoilage and stock outs to under 5%. Destroy old inventory and keep accurate records of disposal. Organize and label all inventory, materials and company owned equipment at all our facilities nationwide. Follow up on all order deliveries to make sure they are complete, on time, and stored correctly.

Material & Ingredient Sourcing– Forecast the usage rates of components, materials, and ingredients and source new inventory based on those lead times with no stockouts. Continually add to and maintain an up to date library of alternative vendors for all materials and ingredients currently used and needed for future formulas. Keep proper documentation on all orders, deliveries, and vendor communications.

Maintain Production Run Quality Standards- Oversee production process for all batching, filling, pasteurization, and case packing to ensure Dirty Lemon’s best in class quality standards are met and maintained. Keep proper documentation on all production runs, safety & compliance records, and vendor communications.

• Reporting- Accurate and updated reporting of all sourcing, production runs, inventories, assets, and relationships to your direct manager.



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