Accounting and Finance Analyst

Los Angeles, California, United States · Finance/Accounting


We are looking for a dynamic, passionate, and driven person to join the team as an Accounting and Finance Analyst.

Your primary responsibility will be to manage AR, AP and related databases for Iris Nova Partner Brands. Prepare and fact-check invoices before sending them to wholesales clients and control, process and prioritize invoices received from suppliers. Ensuring invoice accuracy is key in determining our cost of goods sold calculation, analysis and improvement. You will also be expected to manage the bill back process for our Partner Brands. As an Analyst, you will report directly to the Senior Accounting and Finance Analyst, working daily in the following areas:


This role is fast-paced and requires full attention of the candidate & constant communication with our team. We are looking for a passionate, motivated and highly organized individual to fill this role & add value to the team. Previous consumer goods experience is a plus, but not necessary.


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